How much will a Pet Sit cost

It is vital that you ask your Holiday Home Host permission to have me, the Pet Sitter, in their property at the time of the Pet Sit. Please give them the website address so they can check out what we offer.


Our cost per hour is £12 for up to three pets there will be an extra charge of £6 per pet for example for four pets the hourly cost would be £18 all breeds of dogs welcome.

If you are outside of a 10 mile radius there will be a mileage charge of 45p per mile. 

If you require a full day Pet Sit or an *over night Pet Sit, there are packages available and are worked out on an individual case.

A deposit of 50% of the total Pet Sit is required at on the "Meet and Greet" visit normally the day before the booked Pet Sit. The remaining 50% is paid on the actual day of the Pet Sit. If you return later than the booked time an hourly rate will be charged, for example if you are 15 - 30 minutes late in returning a full hours charge, if you are 1 hour and 15 mins late back there will be a charge for 2 hours

* an over night Pet Sit is subject to your Holiday Home Hosts written permission and pre-booked with full payment in advance.


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