We Love All dogs and want to give them the Best! 

Having someone to look after your pet who knows what they're doing is peace of mind.

Pet Sitting

While on Holiday it maybe nice to get out and about without worrying about your beloved pet, will it be too hot? Can we take our pet there? You're next to the coast perhaps you would like to book a boat trip or a day trip to the Isles of Scilly by Helicoter and your pet can't go.

Your Holiday Home

Complete peace of mind for you and your Holiday Hosts knowing that your pet is being looked after and not left on their own

I can also help with any training you or your dog may need, (and we do need the training sometimes ) this can be while you are on holiday, giving you plans to work through, and referral to another IMDT trainer close to where you live to continue the high standard of our training.

  Or if you live here, in the beautiful West Penwith, walking you through,a bespoke tailor made plan that fits with you, your lifestyle, and of course your beloved four legged family member. And contact with your IMDT personal trainer when ever you need us.

Dog Training

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