Holiday Pet Sitting


Included in our service:


After you have arrived and have booked your Pet Sit, we will do a "Getting To Know You". This will normally be the day before so that your dogs can meet me, you can ask any questions and we can have a chat. This is when I will find out more about you and your dogs, what they like and dislike, medical needs, routines and lifestyle and when you pay a deposit of 50% the total booked pet sit.

On the day of the booked sit I will arrive at the booked time and have a hand over from you either you have written some instructions, this I would prefer, verbal instructions are OK too. You could show me where your pets food is kept and any treats that you have for them. Then you are off to enjoy what ever activity you have planned. I can keep you up dated throughout the time with pictures and messages of what exciting things your pet has been up to while you've been away or maybe just chilling, using social media, with your permission of course. All walks taken with your Pets will be in the vicinity of your Holiday Home.

When you return I will give you a complete hand over of the time I spent with your pet(s) and you pay the balance of the pet sit.

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